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Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye is a Manchester-based professional with more than 12 years of experience living in this awe-inspiring city. Being an outdoor enthusiast, he loves flying his DJI Mavic Drone in his free time. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and passion for capturing life from a unique perspective, he has been able to capture some stunning drone videos using his DJI Mavic Air 2, which he has collected over a few years.  These video footages include breathtaking locations in Mexico, Dubai, Lisbon, and various locations across the UK, demonstrating his love for exploring diverse cultures and showcasing scenic sites beyond borders.


Mylo is an experienced and licensed drone flyer and holds a special license that has been awarded by the CAA, which enables him to fly his drone across the UK. He is an A2 CofC registered drone pilot, indicating that he has achieved the highest standard of training, and has all the necessary permissions to fly his drone in the United Kingdom. His drone is capable of flying up to thirty-four minutes and has a range of 10KM, and the majority of content he films is in stunning 4K resolution. His passion for drone photography has made him an expert in capturing breathtaking footage from the air while complying with all the necessary regulations that go with it.